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On 2nd March 2022, at Meeting-hall of Khanh Son People's Committee, Khanh Hoa organized a launching ceremony “ Pink cloud – Pink blanket on Green Hill” to donate 2000 plants: 1200 Prunus cerasoides, 150 Melastoma candidums, 150 Mangosteen trees, 500 durian trees, Manuka and wild flowers to the local people. Addition, will present 100 scholarships to outstanding poor students.

Project “ Pink cloud – Pink blanket on Green Hill” organized by Hai Yen Nha Trang Trading Limited Company, Khanh Hoa newspaper, and other organizations; and supported from Leaders and Youth Union of Khanh Son District as well.

At The Meeting-hall, The Hai Yen donated 1000 Prunus cerasoides for To Hap Town, Villages like Son Hiep, Ba cum Bac, Ba Cum Nam and the rest will be planted at May farm of The Hai Yen. 30 Prunus cerasoides planted at Youth flower garden of Khanh Son.

Afforestation is when each person plants a tree and those plantings culminate in a forest.  This simple act creates an extraordinary thing from a simple thing. 250 households at Khanh Son will be instructed how to care Prunus cerasoides to grow well. And after 3 years, The Hai Yen will also give gifts like breeding pigs, chickens,…to capable households. Project “ Pink cloud – Pink blanket on Green Hill” hope this area, with its growing flower forest, will be an interesting place for everyone to enjoy when they visit Khanh Son . Besides that, they will know Local specialities like durian, mangosteen. It's regarded as one of the most effective ways to enhance economic region.


Mr Nguyen Van Nhuan (chairman of Khanh Son District) said to: “ we are very happy because Project “ Pink cloud – Pink blanket on Green Hill” bring Prunus cerasoides to Khanh Son District with detail plans. I believe that in near future in here will new presence, become a pink romantic hill for tourists. It's also a chance to promote Local specialities like durian, mangosteen.

Mrs Tran Thi Thanh Hai, director of Hai Yen Nha Trang Trading Limited Company and representative of The Project said : “ I hope each local person join The project will spreads a nice spirit about contributing develop Khanh Son specialities: durian, mangosteen. We expect much about This project will be successful in the future. This helps to enhance economic region and promote the sights of Khanh Son,Khanh Hoa in order to build the country is more and more beautiful and richer.

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