Impressive The Hai Yen at Taipei Tet Fair

From January 17 to January 22, 2019, The Hai Yen's branch in Taiwan participated in the Tet and Gifts Fair held at Taipei International Trade Center, displaying and introducing bird's nest products. Drawn dry hair, nest and Nest Essence - Salanganes'Nest Nha Trang distilled alum sugar of The Hai Yen.
Thursday - 12/12/2019 03:13
Impressive The Hai Yen at Taipei Tet Fair
The 2019 New Year gifts and festivals take place at Taipei International Trade Center. The Yen Yen Salanganes'Nest stall representing Vietnam is deeply impressed by the slender ao dai and the famous Nha Trang Salanganes'Nest products.

During the 5 days of the event, thousands of visitors participated and these were the valuable "touch points" for The Hai Yen to introduce its most proud product to a large number of international friends. Amidst the extremely exciting atmosphere with the attraction of 560 booths by 350 dealers from 19 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, ... Vietnam participated in the products of Salanganes'Nest. Pressed dry feathers and Nest Essence - Salanganes'Nest Nha Trang distilled alum sugar of The Hai Yen.

Salanganes'Nest Salted Salanganes'Nest export nest is the line of The Hai Yen, has passed all stringent quality tests of Taiwan to be officially imported into this market. To make such a quality product, The Hai Yen had to use the face fiber, leaving the loofah intestine where support eggs and chicks. The process uses only very little water to absorb the nest, not soaked in water when doing, must work very quickly to keep the original shape of the bird's nest and press firmly with your fingers to form the shape. This selection of raw materials and techniques helps the bird's nest to shed dry feathers for 5 years without using any preservatives.

To meet the needs of convenient use of customers, Yen Chat was born, is a product of Nha Trang bird's nest with ready-made alum sugar. From the sense of color, smell, taste to the test results of the Pasteur Institute, Yen Yen is confident of being one of the few best quality ready-made bird's nest products on the market. In a jar of Nest Essence has 1g of Nha Trang Bird's Nest, and the rest is the best and purest seaweed. Yen Yen's sweetness reaches 10 brix (only 10% of sugar), bringing a cool, impressive sweetness. More specifically, each product is pasteurized at high temperature, the jar lid is perfectly designed so absolutely no preservatives but still used for 2 years and no microorganisms, bacteria, molds do come in to change. change product quality.

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