THE HAI YEN: An Ambitious Brand

The current economic crisis that has resulted from the worldwide pandemic have made it exceedingly difficult for companies to succeed. Successful companies have overcome this challenge with a strong foundation built on a quality product developed by dedicated employees led by a management team with a clear strategic vision. THE HAI YEN is one such successful company in the Salanganes’ nest marketplace.
Wednesday - 18/11/2020 04:13
THE HAI YEN  is the first and only the enterprise in Vietnam to be granted  the Nha Trang Salanganes Nest” Certificate by Khanh Hoa Department of Science and Technology.
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THE HAI YEN was established in 2013 in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa, Vietnam). After seven years of continuous improvement and expansion, THE HAI YEN now has four showrooms and a network of hundreds of domestic and foreign distribution agents. The key products include: Salanganes’ Nest, Cordyceps, turmeric starch, Ganoderma, and Blue Coffee,... All of THE HAI YEN products comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP standards.
In 2017, THE HAI YEN was granted permission to use the trademark Nha Trang Salanganes’ Nest” because of its excellent quality, attractive design, and competitive price.
The Hai Yen Nha Trang Trading Limited Company is one of the few pioneering enterprises in Vietnam to export Salanganes’s nest into the international marketplace.
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Vietnamese Salanganes’ nest has established itself in the domestic and international markets.  At present, Vietnamese Salanganes’ nest is working to export its Salanganes’ Nest into China,Taiwan,…This is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor. Some companies sell Salanganes’ nest overseas without meeting the stringent import/export regulations that THE HAI YEN has worked tirelessly to obtain.

In 2019, THE HAI YEN  become the first Vietnamese company to export Salanganes’s nest into international markets. This incredible milestone was important as it broadened The company’s presence and also validated THE HAI YEN’s products’ quality.
Introducing a product into international markets requires competencies in all areas of production and distribution. THE HAI YEN complies with all applicable standards related to production, distribution, and export.  This has been a core principal of The Hai Yen Nha Trang Limited Trading Company as prescribed by its Director, Mrs Tran Thi Thanh Hai.  Mrs. Tran has emphasized that THE HAI YEN must export only those agricultural products that meet Vietnamese export requirements and also the import requirements of the target countries. Mrs. Tran firmly believes regulatory compliance is required for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s Salanganes’ nest market.

Challenges and Opportunities
The global economy, including Vietnam, is facing a crisis because of Covid-19.  All markets, including Salanganes’ nest, are affected.  Consumption is reduced leading to lower production, and import/export is more difficult due to travel restrictions. THE HAI YEN is not immune to these effects.
However, THE HAI YEN is continuously working to adapt to and overcome these challenges.  The company’s strong foundation and clear strategic vision has taken advantage of the situation by developing new products. For example, Yen Plus Cartilage (Shaca), Blue Coffee Classic, One S, and Chipie Vitamin C supplements. These products are designed to boost resistance to disease and to support the immune system. As with all THE HAI YEN products, these new additions will deliver the highest quality and performance at a competitive price.
THE HAI YEN strongly believes in giving back to the communities where it operates. Recently, THE HAI YEN gave free 7000 linen face masks to customers in the Let’s Stop Covid-19! campaign.
THE HAI YEN is always striving to improve production efficiencies through the adoption of new technologies.  To that end, THE HAI YEN sponsors science projects at universities and with city governments.  THE HAI YEN also provides vocational guidance for students and local people in Khanh Hoa. THE HAI YEN considers the Salanganes’ nest market as a  traditional handicraft and are proud to operate in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.  THE HAI YEN feels it is a company responsibility to preserve and promote this cultural value of Khanh Hoa Province.

THE HAI YEN started as a small business in the growing city of Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa province. Today, THE HAI YEN is a leader in the Salanganes’ nest market within Vietnam. Success at THE HAI YEN is measured not only by how many new products are released but also how it supports the local Salanganes’ nest market through its business philosophy, responsible strategy and development, and community development as exemplified by its passionate owner.
THE HAI YEN was rewarded for its commitment to the community by being granted 500 Delegates at The Party Congress of  Khanh Hoa Province in 2020. THE HAI YEN looks expand its global presence, increase production efficiencies, and strengthen its ties to the community.

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